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We at Rouxbean Coffee Roastery believe that great coffee is a product of innovation, skill and passion. 
Unique from conventional coffee roasters due to Air Roasting, our goal is to bring you an artisan experience with every cup!

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Our Unique Coffees

Rouxbean Coffee Roastery
is one of the very few roasteries in South Africa that uses
only the innovative Air Roasting Method to roast our premium Arabica coffee beans.


Coffee without the acidity and bitterness of conventional roasting methods. 
Morning kick? All day winner?
Explore and find the Rouxbean blend that suits you best!

Coffee Angels

Introducing our newest product, the Rouxbean Coffee Angels!

This single-serving disposable coffee filter is perfect for the office, camping…
actually just about everything you want to do with a cup! 

Simple and elegant, this is an essential for that weekend away or camping trip,
you just take your favorite coffee with you!

Ideal for the hospitality industry, this product will delight your guests with premium Arabica coffee which is Air Roasted to perfection,
no more ordinary instant coffee sachets. 

We can also design the individually wrapped filters with your business logo and branding, so perfect for corporate gifts.

These little Coffee Angels will bring some coffee heaven to your day!

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Various Brewing Methods

The secret to great coffee is not just quality, but also correct brewing.

Whatever your preference, be it plunger or filter,
we at Rouxbean Coffee Roastery can
grind your chosen blend according to your taste.

Thus we ensure that you can enjoy our coffee
the way it was meant to be enjoyed!


Importance of the Correct Grind

The grind size of the coffee beans
determine the surface area of the grinds.
The surface area of the coffee grinds determine the extraction rate of the coffee essence.
The extraction rate determines the contact time between the water and the grinds.
The balance of these factors are of utmost importance for that perfect cup!
Rouxbean Coffee Roastery will gladly grind your order to suit your preferred brewing method.


Drip Filter Machines

By far the most popular and most affordable type of coffee makers, the Drip Filter Machine is the time-tested hero for home brewing.
These machines have made the brewing of quality filter coffee easy and enjoyable!
Big ones, small ones, many with more functions than the Space Shuttle, there is a machine for every taste.
Just keep in mind that exposing the brewed coffee in the glass carafe to the heating element for too long will overcook the coffee and destroy the subtle flavours.


Alternative Brewing Methods

Coffee brewing is a very personal process, everyone has their unique preference.
And thank heavens for that,
because that means there are
a plethora of alternative brewing methods
and devices to suit every taste.
Explore the French Press, the Moka Pot,
Siphon (our favorite!) and Espresso machines.
The science behind brewing coffee
is a thing of beauty!
Just find your fit!


Espresso Machines

Pressure, that magical force behind the perfect cup of coffee!
These coffee machines build up pressure to force the water through the coffee granules, which truly
unlocks the flavour of the coffee.
The taste of coffee brewed in this manner is quite different from other brewing methods, due to the carefully calibrated balance between the extraction and contact rates of the coffee granules.
The beauty of these machines and the skills of the baristas that operate them truly makes drinking coffee an experience!

Corporate Gifts

Why not surprise your clients with a unique gift
of premium Arabica Coffee packaged with your company branding?

Available to our corporate clients, we at Rouxbean Coffee Roastery have 
a gifting service where we prepare promotional and corporate gifts.
Our clients elect which Rouxbean blend they prefer, and we design 
and package the order with the client’s logo and branding. 

Here, a few examples of our distinguished clients, for whose support we are most grateful:

Agri Academy South Africa
ORO Agri


Love this coffee!! Will definitely be ordering more soon! The BEST SERVICE aswell - Thank you Adri! Got my order within 2 days

Destiny- Mae' Jacoby

Ek gaan nou my laaste koppie Rouxbean koffie maak om die naweek op 'n high af te sluit.

Rikus Truter

Niks so lekker om jou dag te begin met n ROUXBEAN koffie nie...lekker man...lekker...

Doekies En Letitia Hayes

Dankie Rouxbean julle coffee ward baie geniet

De Heide Guesthouse - Bothaville's

Pure awesomeness!!! So grateful I was introduced to this great taste. You guys have a very special business going here! Never stop making these awesome tastes of coffee!!!

Brynmor-Rose Zimri

Koffie is uitstekend! 'n Besonderse smaak en die pakkie is pragtig

Jannie En Elsa Roux

Thank you Rouxbean for my sample! I made it for my family tonight and we all really enjoyed it! It has such a rich creamy taste! Can't wait to see your business grow

Anita Bertrand