Well, I suppose we could start at the beginning…. Being born, growing up here there and everywhere, blah blah blah.

We know that’s not what you really want to know, so let’s cut to the good bits.

We like coffee. You like coffee. We like giving people what they like, and it seems making people happy is a good way to spend your day. So that’s what we do at Rouxbean Coffee Roastery.
And now, we are going to be doing this in one of the most beautiful little towns in the Cape, Montagu.

It has been our wish and plan to open our own coffee corner for a while, and we chose this town on the picturesque Route 62 to set down roots. A place where you can come say hi, have a cuppa, check out our new blends, nibble on a pastry or two, you know… the fun stuff on a road trip.

Why Montagu you ask?

Beauty, historic, elegant, but also funky, lively, and shortly a place where good coffee will be roasted!
We are so excited and humbled to be part of this community and add our own little bit of magic to the Klein Karoo.

To show our appreciation, we have developed a new blend in homage to the town, named Montagu on 62. This cheeky blend shares the characteristics of Montagu, full of life, unique like the rock formations that surrounds it.

We invite you to come and taste for yourself!

This next step would not have been possible without you, our families, friends and clients. Your overwhelming support with the launch of the business and the new website has been so inspiring, and the reviews and positive feedback has been the fuel that drives us.

There will soon be exciting developments coming, and we would not want you to miss a moment of it. Keep an eye on us on Facebook and Instagram, let us know what you think of our antics and share this journey with us. We look forward to meeting you!