Drum-roasting is the conventional way to roast coffee, used by most commercial roasters.
But at Rouxbean Coffee Roastery, we believe in innovation. 

Our Air Roasting process begins with the coffee beans suspended and roasted by only hot air in the roasting chamber. 
The air creates a vortex within the roasting chamber, the ‘fluid-bed’. This vortex of hot air gently roasts each coffee bean at the same rate from all directions.
There’s no better way to roast more accurately or consistently, no scorching on hot metal of roasting drums.

As the beans crack and caramelize during the roasting process, they shed the covering membrane which is called chaff,
and the hot air blows the chaff into a separate chamber, preventing the sour burnt taste that clients so often experience with other coffee brands.

Air Roasting helps preserve the unique flavor while unlocking the best of the bean, which means we don’t sacrifice
origin character for a dark flavour. Air Roasting also preserves our coffee for longer, keeping it fresh and flavorful.

Air Roasted Coffee is not just richer in taste, but also cleaner, smoother, and more aromatic.
And it’s never bitter.

For us, Air Roasting is the perfect blend of art and science.
The art is the trial-and-error process of finding the perfect temperature and roast profile for
a particular origin bean or blend, finding the ideal roast that brings out the best of all the flavors and nuances of the beans. 

Once we perfected it, that’s when science enters the picture.
Air Roasting technology enables us to achieve that exact same roast for that particular blend
again and again, batch after batch, consistently.

So here at Rouxbean Coffee Roastery, no computer programme does our thinking or roasting for us. It all comes down to using our senses and experience to evaluate each origin and determine which beans can create the perfect blend, or which can stand on its own as a single origin.

Smell, colour, taste, sound and touch – that is what makes coffee truly an artful experience!