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Our boutique Coffee Roastery at the gateway to the Klein Karoo uses an innovative Air Roasting method, and much passion, to produce premium aromatic coffee without the acidity and bitterness of conventional roasting methods.

The roastery specialises in only the best quality Arabica coffee beans, gently Air Roasted to perfection, to create our signature blends, as well as our organic and single origin coffees.
We have also been members of the Speciality Coffee Association since our inception, because we believe in a fair and ethical coffee industry.

Our innovative Coffee Angels, the single-serving disposable coffee filters, are perfect for the hospitality industry as well as the office or for camping.

We also offer a corporate gifting service, designing packaging for our products labelled with our clients’ logo and branding.

Innovative Air Roasting

Air Roasting helps preserve the origin flavor while unlocking the best of the bean, which means we don’t sacrifice origin character for a smoky dark flavour.
Air Roasting also preserves our coffee longer, keeping it fresh and flavourful.

Artisanally roasted

No overpriced roaster, no computer determining how we roast – just skill, instinct and experience.
We use our senses to roast: we see the colour of the beans changing to a gorgeous shade of brown, we listen to the sounds of first and second crack of the beans and we smell the caramel change of the oils and sugars of the beans. The beans tell us when they are ready!

Highest graded beans

We only use the highest SCA graded speciality coffee, to ensure our clients receive the best.
The Q Grading System is an internationally recognized protocol for evaluating coffee quality, developed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), and defines speciality coffee as having a minimum cup score of 80 points out of a possible 100 and no primary defects.

Freshest coffee around

As micro-roasters, we roast fresh for every order, so you get freshly roasted coffee every time!
No more buying supermarket coffee that has lost its kick, flavour and aroma!
Taste coffee at its best, with all the flavour and nuances that the best beans can offer.

Best Quality Arabica

This high-grown coffee species is both smoother and less acidic than its more unsophisticated Robusta cousin.
Robusta coffees contain twice as much caffeine and chlorogenic acids than Arabica. Both of these factors affect the taste of coffee, and Robusta will taste more bitter, woody and leathery.
Arabica beans taste better because the increase in natural sugar gives the coffee a better taste, a cleaner mouthfeel, and a decrease in bitterness.


Perfect blend for any brewer

Because we air roast our beans, our coffee remains consistent with every roast. We have also created blends that are suited for any kind of brewer, whether for Moka Pot or Plunger, Syphon or Espresso Machine. Try them all until you have found the blend you love!
Our single origins are excellent for the more particular client, especially our organic and decaffeinated coffee.


Only Fair-Trade Green Beans

We use only green coffees ethically sourced from their respective countries of origin, and traceable back to the  farms and cooperatives that grow them.

Serving the
coffee market
since 2017

Our clients asked, and we listened!

Rouxbean Coffee Roastery has evolved from just an online shop and per-order business, to a wholesale supplier of clients, restaurants and guest houses.

In 2020, we opened our little café where our clients and can visit, chat, and have their favourite premium air-roasted arabica coffee.

We have made our grab-&-go a community destination, a spot for everyone to enjoy! We look forward to seeing you there!




Unique from conventional coffee roasters due to Air Roasting, our goal is to bring you an artisan experience with every cup!

A short, strong single shot.

Espresso with added hot water.
The espresso is added into the hot water rather than all the water being flowed through the coffee that would lead to over extraction.
2/3 hot water & 1/3 espresso.

A coffee drink consisting of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foam.

A coffee drink with double espresso shots and lightly steamed milk. 
2/3 steamed milk & 1/3 espresso.

Like a traditional caffè latte, but with a thicker layer of foam. Often made by pouring an espresso last into the milk.

Espresso with a little milk foam.
1/3 foamed milk & 2/3 espresso.

A caffè latte with hot chocolate and froth or whipped cream, made by extracting the espresso shot into the hot chocolate and then adding the steamed milk.
1/5 steamed milk, 2/5 espresso & 2/5 hot chocolate.

A tall, mild ‘milk coffee’.
An espresso with steamed milk and only a little milk foam poured over it.
Flavoured syrup can be added. 
2/3 steamed milk & 1/3 espresso, plus dollop foamed milk.

Come pop In!


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10 Piet Retief Street